1. Are not additional railway lines also subject to help with sound proofing.
    I would much rather see an approach that would limit the impact on residents closest to the proposed road and railway. Divert all cargo trains on the proposed new line. Have sound barriers, strict speed control and noise reducing road covering. Keep the trees and build as far away from the properties as possible. Or strengthen the existing road, even though there are plenty of lorries using it now which contradicts your opinion of the road.

    1. We note your concerns as to the noise impacts of the new road and rail corridor. These will be thoroughly assessed as part of the EIA process for the Tilbury2 proposals, with any mitigation measures, such as noise barriers and landscaping, also considered. The initial results of these assessments are set out in Chapter 17 of the Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR), available as part of the statutory consultation materials (available at tilbury2.co.uk/docs/).

      The proposed new rail route will serve Tilbury2 only and will not connect back to the London to Tilbury main line, so all freight traffic from that line would not be able to be diverted onto the new route. In respect of Fort Road, as discussed in the PEIR, the Tilbury2 application will be accompanied by a surface access options report which will set out in full the reasons why the Tilbury2 proposals do not include strengthening the existing road.

      Where you to have further concerns, we would encourage you to complete a questionnaire before this Friday (28th July), which can be found online (tilbury2.co.uk/consultation/have-your-say/) or posted to you if you would like.

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