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Planning Inspectorate information available here.

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Section 6 Certificate Dated 25 January 2024


TB18_08 Aggregate Delivery

TB18_06 Aggregate Delivery

TB18_05 Pre Cast Piles and Aggregate Delivery

Control of Pollution Act 1974 – SECTION 61: Prior consent for work on construction sites

TB18/04 CFA Piling

FP144 Notice

PROW – FP144

Tilbury2 release DCO consent FINAL 20 February

Tilbury2 HGV Diversion Letter

Tilbury2 Mobilisation Letter

Tilbury2 Travelers A5 Postcard

TM Diversion Map

Guide to claims for loss of property value arising from Tilbury2


Tilbury2 – Newsletter Update – Issue 1- April 19

Port of Tilbury RE:PORT E4

Port of Tilbury RE:PORT E3

Port of Tilbury RE:PORT E2

Port of Tilbury RE:PORT E1


Tilbury2 – Rule 13 Notice (April 2018)

PRESS RELEASE – New London Port Moves A Step Closer

Tilbury2 – Rule 13 Notice (Feb 2018)

Consultation Booklet

Engineering Drawings

Volume 1 PEIR

Volume 2 Appendices

Voume 3 Figures

Voume 4 Non-Technical Summary

The Planning Inspectorate: The Planning Act 2008 Section 47 – Community Consultation FAQ

Port of Tilbury Terminal Power Station Leaflet

Statement of Community Consultation

Appendix 10.K Invertebrate Survey Report (2016)

Consultation Leaflet

Exhibition Panels

Expansion Plans

Public Notice – Tilbury Port Expansion Plans