Fort Road Partial Closure – HGV Diversions

On 20 February 2019 Port of Tilbury London Limited (PoTLL) was granted a Development Consent Order to allow it to build a new port terminal east of Tilbury Fort together with associated infrastructure. This is a large expansion and will increase the volume the Port can take.

Full details of the expansion and the development consent can be found at

The expansion of the Port would generate pressure on Fort Road and as such a new single carriageway road and rail link will be built south of the existing C2C rail line. For this to happen the Fort Road bridge will need to be extended resulting in a closure of Fort Road, at the existing rail bridge, for approximately12 months.

This will prevent the access from the south of Tilbury to access areas east of Tilbury. As a result, a diversion route has been created that diverts traffic in the vicinity of this property.

Please refer to the diagram overleaf showing HGV diversions.

You can contact our construction project team directly by emailing us;

If you have any questions or enquiries in relation to this letter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding.

Download the Tilbury2 HGV Route Postcard PDF


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