Pedestrians, Cyclists and Public Transport

We are working with Thurrock Borough Council to improve and make better use of open space by providing improved access to green areas and the river front


The Ferry is a very important facility and the proposals for TILBURY2 will not in any way affect its operation. As part of our commitment to the Ferry, we agreed funding of £350,000 over five years as part of the development of London Distribution Park.

By creating more jobs at TILBURY2, the demand for the Ferry – and hence its on-going viability – will only increase.


Will the footpath along the river be retained?


Yes, the Thames Estuary Path runs along the frontage of the TILBURY2 site; this is also part of the Two Forts Way. We are looking to see how this can be improved on the boundary of our site for both cyclists and pedestrians and are discussing proposals with both Thurrock Borough Council and Sustrans who work to improve cycle routes and encourage cycling throughout the UK. This is part of a wider review of pedestrian and cycling provision that we are discussing with Thurrock Borough Council.