Why Are We Expanding


Sea ports in the UK are crucial to our national prosperity, but they have always needed to adapt, change and expand to meet modern needs. The Port of Tilbury is no different. Government policy is to support sustainable port development to meet the needs of importers and exporters thus contributing to long term economic growth of the UK. We’ve been here for 130 years and our success in recent years means that we now need more land close to the Port to grow our business and create more jobs. This is why we are moving forward with the TILBURY2 plans on part of the former Tilbury Power Station site, some 1km to the east of the existing port. Crucially the site provides an additional frontage to the River Thames as well as land for storage of containers and bulk goods.


Port of Tilbury London Limited directly employs around 700 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff. Taking into account all those working within the Port, other related companies off-site and the spending in the local economy, the Port supports over 8,600 FTE jobs. TILBURY2 itself will create several hundred new jobs. Building on the economic strength of the Port is part of a long term regeneration programme that seeks to increase employment and skills levels.


Tilbury is a successful place to do business. It’s well located and close to London, has excellent river, rail and road links. When we asked them recently, 80% of our customers and tenants said they had expansion plans. TILBURY2 will assist in delivering those plans.